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The European Union promotes that its citizens exercise the right to claim compensation for damages suffered due to anti-competitive practices according to Directive 2014/104/EU which regulates comprehensive compensation including actual damage, loss of profits, and interest and simplifies the claim process. It also stipulates that in the presence of several responsible parties, all are jointly and severally liable, allowing the victim to claim the entirety of the damages from any of them.


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From 3-clicks client onboarding to millions of documents management, OKLAIM 1.0 saves up to 90% of the time dedicated to the bureaucratic process.


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OKLAIM adapts and enhances the features of each Litigation Platform in each jurisdiction and in each specific case.


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OKLAIM is the chosen engine for the largest specific Platform for companies against the Corporate Cartel of Cars and Vans in Spain.

«Without a doubt, OKLAIM is the technological partner that every legaltech platform needs to have. Thanks to a meticulous briefing exercise, the creation and launch of our site has been quick and efficient.»

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