Grow & Stand Out From the Crowd

Creative & Design

Craft your litigation platform’s identity and ensure a seamless claimant experience with our bespoke design services.


Crafting a unique identity for your litigation platform that resonates with claimants.

Website Design

Developing a professional, easy-to-navigate website to facilitate claim submissions.

User Experience

Ensuring an intuitive and seamless experience for users submitting claims.

App Design 

Creating a mobile application that allows claimants easy access and interaction.


Expand your reach and engage more claimants through our targeted marketing campaigns and content strategies.

PPC Management

Implementing and managing pay-per-click campaigns to attract more claimants.

Social Media Management

Handling your presence on social media to engage with potential claimants.

Affiliate Management

Coordinating with affiliates to spread awareness and encourage more claims.

Content Creation

Producing engaging content that informs people about ongoing litigation opportunities.


Optimizing your platform’s content to rank higher on search engines, making it easier for claimants to find you.

Email Marketing

Sending out targeted emails to potential claimants to join the litigation process.


Navigate the complexities of mass litigation with our data-driven strategies and market insights.

Social Media Strategy

Developing a plan to use social media effectively to gather more claimants.

Digital Audit

Assessing your current digital tools and strategies to optimize for litigation management.

Data Insights

Analyzing data to improve strategies for claimant recruitment and engagement.

Platform Strategy

Crafting a comprehensive approach for your platform to manage litigation claims efficiently.

Market Research

Conducting research to understand the market and find potential claimants.

Content Strategy

Planning and executing a content roadmap that supports claim accumulation.


Build and maintain a robust, secure tech infrastructure tailored for efficient mass claim management.

Website Development

Building a robust website tailored to managing massive litigation claims.

App Development

Creating custom applications to facilitate claim submissions and management on mobile devices.

Database Development

Establishing a database designed for storing and managing claimants’ information securely.

Database Management

Ongoing maintenance and optimization of the database to ensure smooth operation.


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